Features & Equipment specifications
1Glow discharge treatment
Achieves high-level of uniformity and doesn’t damage film
(no particles generated)

2Advanced treatment performance
Proven performance at speeds of 100 m/min and above

3Extensive lineup
Works at widths of up to 2500 mm, 1- or 3-headtype

4Ambient-pressure process that doesn’t require a vaccum
Easily installable in existing manufacturing lines

Widths handled

up to 2500 mm

Treatment speed

up to 100 m/min


Power, Treatment gas (N2, CDA), Exhaust, Cooling water

Field Usage
Optical films
(polarizing plates, etc.)
Used as a pretreatment for functional membrane coating
1. Improves the adhesion of the coating membrane
2. Enables use of thinner coating
PI、CCL Treats PI film,
improves the adhesion of adhesives and with other films
Other films ・Pretreatment for printing of PET, PP, PE and other films
・Improves wettability of fluorine film and other films, etc.
Basic treatment performance

Data on contact angle with other films


After plasma treatment

*Treatment speed: 30 m/min

Adhesion strength with polyimide and epoxy adhesives

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