Features & Equipment specifications
1Advanced processing and treatment capabilities
Ultra-high density plasma of 2.45 GHz makes
high-speed treatment possible

2Low running costs
Can also use clean dry air
(CDA) for treatment
Rapid start-up⇒Plasma stabilizes within one
second of switching on the equipment

3Compact design, lightweight power source
Integrated power, controls and gas unit
Can be installed and used anywhere with
just the power source and CDA

4Handles localized treatment
Handles pinpoint plasma irradiation

Treatment width

up to 10 mm


Power, Gas (Air), Exhaust

Field Usage
LCD Cleaning of LCD terminals (improves adhesion to ACF)
Automotive Removes oil from engine parts and other components to improve adhesion during assembly

Other Wash prior to sealing of electronic parts
Treatment data

Data on contact angle of LCD terminal

Improves strength of
metal plate bonding
Peel strength measurement data

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