Features & Equipment specifications
1No damage
Low-temperature treatment & electrical field shielding
structure prevents damage

2Advanced treatment performance
High-speed (10 m/min) treatment at 10° or under
(treats glass substrates for LCD)

3Extensive lineup
Handles widths from 160 to 3400 mm

4Extensive and proven results
Adopted in LCD plants and numerous other production processes

Widths handled

160 to 3400 mm


Power, Treatment gas (N2, CDA), Exhaust, Cooling water

Field Usage
LCD Increases the wettability of glass surfaces, improves the wet cleaning effect
Touch panels, OLED, etc. Reforms the surface of conductive film, pretreatment for bonding
Basic treatment performance

Contact angle data of glass substrate(dependence on conveying speed)

[Tested substrate] Bare Glass

Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma


Relation between conveying speed and changes in the substrate temperature

[Tested substrate] Bare Glass

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